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Why do I give to Mercy Street and Chapelwood? 
For me, personally, the act of giving to someone something that is unexpected, unasked for in advance is extremely rewarding in itself.  And it doesn’t matter if the act of giving is either monetary and acts of service, the point is that the giving is not requested of the other party; it’s my conscious desire to help another from my resources of time, talent and excess funds available at the time. In giving to Mercy Street, I am hoping that this same act of unexpected gifts will be used in whatever ways the church feels is prudent.  I recognize that some of the funds are needed for support of staff and facilities but the mission of Mercy Street, to provide hope to the hopeless, can be sustained to a greater degree by my regular donation to Chapelwood.

- Joe Pascoe

I believe deeply in the mission of Mercy Street & Chapelwood.  I feel blessed to be a part of this amazing community and want to give back with offering my gifts of presence, service and financial giving.  Yes, I do give to other charities , but "organized religion” has been a part of my life since I was 14.  (Except for the 90’s when I was in my “new age spirituality" phase and quit going to church!)  I feel a deep commitment to be serious about financially supporting my church. The place in which we gather has bills to pay to stay open, just as we pay bills to keep our homes functioning.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget about this!
I see God working miracles in our community all the time –in each of us in His own way!  I want to give back however and whenever I can.

- Carole Alm-Pascoe


Mercy Street and I have come a long way together and when I was lost, lonely, broken and homeless Mercy Street loved and accepted me for myself. The Mercy Street community is so loving and if you are feeling like I was this new year then surrender your life to God with my home community and feel the warmth that I feel every time I walk in the doors. Give yourself a gift and let Mercy Street and all their love embrace you and God will fill all the emptiness in your heart. I’m currently employed at Chapelwood and can support Mercy Street as they have me with all of me, physically and financially. With all this being said, at Mercy Street and instantly feeling the grace allows your heart to be open to all thing around you and know that it is a blessing. That is why I choose to return my blessings back to Mercy Street. I do not have much to give financially but contribute $5 in the offering plate. I figure it is a pack of cigarettes that I can go without so a family can have a meal.

Jesus loves you and so do I!

- Kathy Jo Curran



First, giving back to my church feels right.  It can be viewed in a very simple way.  I would have nothing if not for God’s gift of his only son, who died for my sins. To have a place of worship that tells me I do not have to have it all figured out, and my church family accepts me as I am provides me with the encouragement needed to grow in my relationship with our Savior.   I consider stewardship to be a private decision between me and God. Due to recent fluctuations with employment, I revisit financial giving more often. I have seen times when I did not have all the money needed to operate a household, yet, in giving as I was able, I was always provided for.  
The other ways I can giveback include with my  time and talents. These gifts back to Jesus are his to begin with. He has given me a strong desire to partner with Chapelwood in giving to do my small part to ensure it continues to operate with open doors to all who are seeking a church home.
Thank you.

- Jan Sultanik




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